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Passport Issued Five Years Later

"I sincerely appreciate your outstanding efforts in resolving my complaint. Your professionalism, empathy, and dedication throughout the entire process have made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals. I am especially grateful to Eunice Nyabio for her exceptional care in handling my concerns and accurately documenting all necessary details. The commendable responsiveness, attentive listening, and consistent updates have truly impressed me. Thank you for your commitment to excellence." These were the words of Halima Hussein in an email to the Commission.

Ms. Halima Hussein complained to the Commission about the inordinate delay by the Department of Immigration to process her passport. According to her, she applied for a Kenyan passport on 28th August 2018. During the processing of the passport, a mistake occurred at the Immigration offices, which caused the application to be processed in R No. 160***9 instead of R No. 160***4. Additionally, her birth certificate as well as her parents’ death certificates were retained and had not been returned to her, and despite following up she had never been issued a passport. The delay in processing the passport and the unresponsiveness from the Department of Immigration impelled his brother Mohamed Noor to seek the intervention of the Commission.

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Director General, Immigration, leading to the processing and issuance of the passport.

“Halima was issued with a passport number CK*****1 on 30th May 2023. A copy of the biometric page has been attached,” read a letter from the Department of Immigration.

Ms. Halima in an email to the Commission confirmed receipt of the passport and thanked the Commission for the intervention.