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TVET Tutor Promoted

“In June 2023, I approached your office and raised a complaint against the Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education, State Department of Technical and Vocational Training. This concerned what I believed was unfair treatment regarding my promotion. I wish to confirm that the Public Service Commission has finally acted positively on my appeal for promotion. Thank you for your positive engagement and continued public service.” These were the words of Mr. Daniel Wandera in a letter to the Commission.

Mr. Wandera complained to the Commission alleging failure by the Principal Secretary, State Department of TVET to address or update him on the outcome of his complaint lodged vide his letter dated 23rd April 2023 on unfair treatment on his promotion from TVET Principal Trainer Job Group P to Senior Principal TVET Trainer Job Group R wherein colleagues with similar or lesser qualifications had been promoted.

The Commission, by way of inquiry, took up the matter with the Principal Secretary, the State Department of TVET. The PS, in her response to the Commission, confirmed that the matter had been raised with the Public Service Commission for consideration. Subsequently, on 5th February 2024, Mr. Wandera confirmed that his promotion to Senior Principal Vocational and Technical Trainer Job Group R was rendered by PSC with effect from 15th December, 2023.

“I am pleased to convey the decision of the PSC dated 15th December 2023 that you be promoted from the grade of Principal Vocational and Technical Trainer to the grade of Senior Principal Vocational and Technical Trainer with effect from 15th December 2023. The necessary adjustments on your salary and allowances are being made and resultant arrears will be paid to you in due course,” read a letter from the State Department to Mr. Wandera.