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TSC Makes Salary Adjustments for JSS Teacher’s Pay Arrears

“My salary has been adjusted appropriately in the March payroll. Thank you for the effort in realising this,” these were the words of Mr. Lawi Olwa in a letter to the Commission.

Mr. Lawi Olwa complained to the Commission alleging unfair labour practices following the delay by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to adjust his salary upon appointment to the Junior Secondary School (JSS).  According to him, the entry grade for teachers of JSC with degrees is C2 and the said teachers are supposed to be remunerated as per the Career Progression Guidelines/ Schemes of Service. However, despite the teachers being issued with appointment letters to their current grade, the majority had remained in their previous job groups for eight months into their appointment and deployment to teach in the Junior Secondary Schools. He, therefore, sought the intervention of the Commission to have TSC adjust his salary and pay the arrears. 

The Commission, by way of inquiry, took up the matter with the Chief Executive Officer, TSC, leading to the adjustment of his salary and payment of the arrears.

“We wish to state that the teacher’s adjustments on appointment have been made and the resultant arrears will be paid alongside the March 2024 salary,” read a letter from TSC to the Commission. 

Mr. Lawi, in an email to the Commission, confirmed the adjustments and thanked the Commission for the intervention.