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Salary Arrears Settled Nine Years Later

A retired employee of the County Government of Trans Nzoia was finally paid his salary arrears and Medallion Award following the intervention of the Ombudsman.

Mr. Moses Wepukhulu complained to the Commission alleging a delay by the county government to settle his salary arrears and medallion award. According to him, he was a Senior Headman employed by the County Government of Trans Nzoia where he worked until his retirement on 30th November 2014. Upon retirement, he was duly paid dues entitled to him save for salary arrears and the Medallion Award which he was informed was to be settled at a later date. However, nine years later the arrears had not been settled impelling him to seek the intervention of the Commission.

The Commission, by way of inquiry, took up the matter with the County Secretary/ Head of the County Public Service Board, County Government of Trans Nzoia leading to the settlement of the outstanding dues.