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Part-Time Lecturers Paid

“The last batch of the payment has been deposited awaiting reflection. It has been a success with the Ombudsman. I am now cleared. Much regards too from my fellow colleagues, they say thank you.” This was an appreciation email from Mr. Abraham Kerich, a former part-time lecturer at the Kenya Industrial Training Institute (KITI) to the Commission.

Mr. Kerich complained to the Commission alleging delay by KITI to settle dues owed to him. According to him, he worked as a part-time lecturer from 8th May 2023 to 31st October 2023 when his contract ended. However, the institution had delayed settling his dues for four months. 

 “I have not received payments for June, July, September, and October, I was paid Kshs. 20,000 for May and since then I have not received any payment. According to the agreement, my monthly salary was supposed to be Kshs. 20,000. I am concerned about the delay and I must be paid for the work I have done since I have accumulated pending bills. The money will enable me to provide basic needs for my family, pay my child’s school fees, house rent, and some medical fees,” read the complaint from Mr. Kerich to the Commission. 

The Commission, by way of inquiry, took up the matter with the Director, KITI, leading to the settlement of pending salaries for 30 part-time lecturers. Mr. Kerich in an email to the Commission confirmed receipt of his payment, together with 29 of his colleagues whose dues were pending.