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NSSF Dues Paid

The National Social Security Fund (NSFF) finally paid dues owed to a member following the intervention of the Commission in a case of inordinate delay by the fund to pay his dues. 

Mr. Joseph Mwangi complained to the Commission alleging delay by NSSF to rectify his records following the erroneous payment of Kshs. 101,360 on 7th August 2015 to a beneficiary of a deceased person who had a similar name and fund member number as his but was unknown to him. He complained with NSFF to resolve the issue and have his dues paid but two years later the matter had not been resolved impelling him to seek the intervention of the Commission. 

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Managing Trustee, NSFF. NSFF in their letter to the Commission confirmed that they had initiated an investigation with a view of resolving the matter and that they would update the Commission on the outcome of the Commission.  The Commission made a further follow-up with the fund leading to the verification of the validity of Mr. Mwangi’s records and processing of his benefits. 

“We apologise for the delay in rectifying the records and paying the benefits. We undertook a thorough investigation and scrutiny of the necessary authorization granted and a claim for payment to the bonafide owner Joseph Kariuki Mwangi under a new account number. We hereby attach a copy of the member’s statement confirming that a sum of Kshs. 159,923 was paid to his bank account and by a copy of this letter, the complainant is hereby notified of the resolution of the matter.” Read a letter from the Fund to the Commission.