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Siaya County Secretary Releases Information

The County Secretary, County Government of Siaya, has released information following the order of the Commission that he facilitates access to information and records relating to the recruitment of Chief Officers and various directors and that the County Secretary prepares an abridged version of Board interview reports of county public officers in the event the records sought by a requester were likely to involve unwarranted invasion of privacy of third parties. 

A resident of Siaya County, Mr. Mike Ochieng, made an appeal for review to the Commission following the failure of the Siaya County Public Service Board to release interview reports for fifteen Chief Officers and various directors and officers. Mr. Ochieng also sought CVs, academic certificates, and professional certificates for the said officers. 

The Commission in a letter dated 9th January, 2024, to the County Secretary, directed that he responds to the request for information. 

“This is to request that you respond to the application in line with section 9 (4) of the ATI Act, 2016 bearing in mind the provisions of Article 31 (c) of the Constitution, section 6 (1) (d) of the ATI Act and Data Protection Act,” read a letter from the Commission. 

Further, the Commission in a letter to the complainant, Mr. Mike Ochieng, noted that academic and professional certificates and CVs of County Public Officers sought contained personal information touching on other persons/ third parties and hence limited from disclosure as stipulated under Articles 31 of the Constitution, section 6 (1) (d) of the ATI, Act and Data Protection Act.

The County Secretary did not release the requested information and did not respond to the Commission prompting the Commission to issue an order  on 11th March 2024 in line with section 23 (2) (a) of the ATI Act for the abridged of the Board Interview Reports for the various positions of the county public officers.