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HELB Refunds Erroneous Deductions

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) finally made a refund on erroneous deductions following the intervention of the Commission in a case of inordinate delay.

Mr. Jared Kinaro, a former student at Technical University of Kenya (TUK), complained to the Commission alleging delay by HELB to process a refund. According to him, he graduated from TUK in 2019 and he completed his studies without the support of HELB. However, upon employment, deductions were made on his pay slip. This predicament forced him to lodge a complaint with the Board.

“I made the necessary follow ups, filled the necessary forms and attached the required documents for the Board to process my refund. This was done via an email on 27th February 2022 and the hard copies of the same delivered to their office on 28th February 2022. My case has not been resolved 253 days later which is beyond the three months stated in their service charter. Subsequent follow ups with the Board have been fruitless,” read a complaint by Mr. Kinaro to the Commission.

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HELB. In his response to the Commission, the CEO confirmed that indeed Mr. Kinaro was not a HELB loan beneficiary and that a stop order was sent to the employer and deductions stopped in April 2021. Further, the Board was in the process of collating documents required to process and refund the amount deducted by his employer.

Following further follow up with the Board, the refund was processed and paid to Mr. Kinaro who confirmed in an email to the Commission that he received the payment.

‘The matter was resolved and the refund deposited to my account on 30th June 2023. I highly appreciate the assistance accorded by your office,” read an email form Mr. Kinaro to the Commission.