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Frequent Voltage Fluctuations Resolved

A resident of Kiserian can finally enjoy an uninterrupted power supply thanks to the intervention of the Commission in a case of unresponsiveness from Kenya Power.

Mr. Antony Omtatah complained to the Commission alleging inaction by Kenya Power to sort out a persistent voltage fluctuation. According to him, his premise was experiencing power fluctuations which impelled him to seek the intervention of the power company. The company assured him that the technicians from their Ongata Rongai branch would visit and resolve the issue but that was not forthcoming as he was being told that the technicians would visit when they were available. The never-ending promises from the company and his continued frustration pushed him to seek the intervention of the Commission on 27th November, 2023.

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Managing Director, Kenya Power, on 4th December, 2023, leading to the replacement of the faulty cables.

“A visit to the customer’s premises by our technical team on 8th December, 2023, established that the frequent voltage fluctuations were caused by a chemical reaction between aluminium conductors and copper service line. This is due to the terminal power line being aluminium while the service line to the premises is copper. The Copper Service Line cable approximately 35 metres was replaced with aluminium cable on 11th December, 2023, which resolved the issue,” read a letter from Kenya Power to the Commission.

Mr. Omtatah in a phone call to the Commission confirmed the matter was resolved.