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Deceased’s Pension Dues Paid after Nineteen Years

The pension dues for a deceased Kenya Defence Forces employee were finally paid to the beneficiaries following the intervention of the Commission in a case of inordinate delay.

The deceased’s widow, Ms. Rachel Kipsang, complained to the Commission alleging delay by the Pensions Department to process dues owed to her late husband. According to her, she is the wife and the legal representative to the estate of Mr. Joseph Kiptanui Kipsang who, until his demise on 6th December 2005, was an employee of the Kenya Defence Forces. Upon the demise of her husband, she sought to be paid the dues owed to the deceased’s estate and duly filled out the requisite forms to facilitate the payment. However, the payment was not forthcoming even after making several follow-ups. This predicament impelled her to seek the intervention of the Commission.

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Pensions Department leading to payment of the deceased’s dues to the beneficiaries.