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Dangling Electricity Pole Fixed, Power Restored

"I am happy to inform you that Kenya Power and Lighting Company PLC (Kenya Power) staff were at my home for four hours and they replaced the dangling pole and restored electricity supply. I appreciate the good work you are doing at the Commission in assisting Kenyans." These were the words of Issac Mbui in an appreciation email to the Commission.

Mr. Mbui complained to the Commission alleging inaction by Kenya Power to fix a dangerously dangling electricity pole. According to him, there was a blackout on Christmas Eve and when the lights came back on, they caused a short circuit on the leaning pole and his house which disconnected the power supply to his house. As a result of this, he had to move his freezer containing foodstuffs to his neighbor’s house and was forced to move his family out of the home to a rented house due to the danger posed by the dangling pole. He sought the intervention of Kenya Power but the company was unresponsive pushing him to seek the intervention of the Commission through the Mombasa Regional Office on 8th January 2024.

The Commission took up the matter with Kenya Power leading to the fixing of the dangling electricity pole and the restoration of electricity supply. Mr. Mbui in an email to the Commission on 13th January 2024 confirmed the same and thanked the Commission for the intervention.