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Amended Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Issued

“I would like to sincerely thank the Office of the Ombudsman as well as the officers who handled my case. I managed to get a certified copy of my marriage certificate and I am now processing my medical plans. Thank You,” this was the message in an appreciation letter from Ms. Zinafa Aseyo to the Commission.

Ms. Aseyo complained to the Commission alleging delay by the Registrar of Marriages to correct her marriage certificate. According to her, she applied for correction of her marriage certificate on 18th May 2023 to read that she was married at the age of 37 as opposed to 36. However, three months later the correction had not been done. 

“I am complaining about my certified copy of marriage which I applied on 18th May 2023 to be renewed. Normally the process should take one month but to date, I have not received it from (their) Kilifi County office. I applied for a visa to Germany for treatment and the embassy noted that there was an error with the date which was to be sorted at Sheria House. The Embassy therefore gave me a rejection notice on my visa application if I delay in submitting the certified copy after correction. I hereby ask for help since I am afraid that my visa application might be rejected due to the negligence of the department,” read her complaint to the Commission on 4th September, 2023.

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Registrar of Marriages, Office of the Attorney General. In their response, the office indicated that a marriage search was conducted in the marriage register in their Malindi office and was found within their records and that Ms. Aseyo was requested to present the paperwork that she presented before getting married in Malindi and that upon submission and verification of the requested documents, their Malindi office was to effect the amendment on the register available and certification of the marriage certificate would be done immediately.

Following the submission of the documents and subsequent follow-up by the Commission, Ms. Aseyo was finally issued with a certified copy of the certificate.

“We received your letter which served as a 1st reminder. Kindly note that we were able to issue our client, Zinafa Aseyo, a certified copy of the marriage certificate after she complied with all the requirements. A copy of the certified copy of the marriage certificate is hereby attached for your information,” read a letter from the Registrar of Marriages to the Commission.

Ms. Aseyoc, in a letter to the Commission, confirmed receipt of the certificate.